Seminar Schedule

Immigration Concept’s "Fundamentals of Foreign Student Advising" seminar is our flagship program. This three day seminar, held in Cincinnati, Ohio each April, is designed for F-1 and M-1 Designated School Officials, managers responsible for DSO activity, or other professionals seeking a greater understanding of F-1 or M-1 regulatory issues. This is the most comprehensive seminar in the field and provides intensive, carefully structured training in the basics of immigration regulations and immigration procedures. PDF Hand-outs and reference materials are provided that each participant will want to keep at their finger-tips when they return to share with their colleagues at the office.

Immigration Concept’s strives to teach “why” at every step and provides training that is 100% job-related. You will be taught that information must be evaluated critically, not merely accepted. You will learn how to critically evaluate immigration information for yourself and you will return to your office equipped to solve problems. You will be challenged and you will leave with a greater understanding of your job.

Dates: April 19th-21st, 2021
Cost: $649 (with a 10% discount for 2 or more participants)
Location: Online/Virtual

Day 1
Immigration Basics

  • Definition of important terms
  • Immigration statuses
  • Immigration forms
  • Pertinent regulations

Student Rights and Confidentiality

  • What documentation must you keep
  • What information can/should be given out

Issuing Form I-20

  • What is an I-20?
  • Who is eligible for an I-20?
  • Who can sign the form?
  • Item by item guide to completion
  • When must a new I-20 be issued
  • Replacing a lost form I-20
  • I-94 Arrival/Departure Record
  • Purpose of form I-94
  • When is it issued?
  • Replacing a lost form

Obtaining a Visa and Entering The USA

  • Rules for eligibilty
  • Authority of consuls
  • How to advise students
  • Visa “renewals”
  • Canadians and visa exempt aliens
  • Forms and security checks
  • US Visit System

Student Travel and Re-entry

  • New I-20 or not?
  • When to check finances
  • Re-entry endorsements
  • Checking the visa
  • Neighboring countries and adjacent islands
  • Form I-515A

Day 2
Maintaining/Extending/Changing Status

  • Duration of status
  • Grace periods
  • Full-time enrollment
  • School transfer
  • Change of academic levels
  • Program extension
  • Change of status to F-1
  • Special registration requirements
  • Change of address requirements
  • What is a status violation?
  • Reinstatement to status
  • What is an overstay?
  • What is unlawful presence?
  • Income Tax filing requirements
  • What constitutes becoming a public charge

Student Employment Options

  • On-Campus Employment
  • Off-Campus Employment
  • Optional/Curicular Practical Training
  • Severe Economic Hardship/Special Student Relief
  • Employment authorization document
  • Eligibility/Limitations
  • Filing procedures/fees

Day 3
Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)

  • What is SEVIS?
  • What data does SEVIS require?
  • How data can be transmitted to DHS
  • How to use SEVIS
  • Who must pay the SEVIS fee
  • How to pay the SEVIS fee
  • Developing an effective SEVIS implementation strategy
  • Update on SEVIS II rules and timelines

Advising Students In Other Statuses

  • Our legal and ethical responsibilities
  • The concept of “principle activity”
  • Dependents vs. Principles
  • When must dependents change to student status?
  • Undocumented aliens

Tips On Advising International Students

  • The role of the DSO
  • Developing an effective orientation program
  • Keeping students informed about changing regulations

Developing an International Strategic Enrollment Plan

  • Essential components of a plan
  • How to best request funding
  • Measuring your success


Immigration Concepts now offers a series of electronic courses on specific topics related to foreign student advising, recruiting international students, and hiring international workers. Courses include:

  • Authorizing School Transfer
  • Change of Status to F-1
  • Developing an International Recruitment Plan
  • Employing/Paying International Workers
  • Ethics in Advising
  • F-1 for Beginners
  • F-1 Student Employment
  • Full Course of Study and Reduced Course Loads
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • I-20 Issuance
  • J-1 for Beginners
  • Recruiting for U.S. Institutions of Higher Education (for agents)
  • Reinstatement to Student Status
  • Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)
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